Working (and Living) the Vampire Shift

I’ve essentially turned nocturnal at this point.  I work at a nightclub and get off work around 7am.  Typically I go to bed around 10am-noon and get up about 6-8pm, yeah I could get to bed earlier I suppose, but who wants to go to bed right after work?
So my sleep schedule is literally the reverse of almost everyone else.  Which means all I do is work, read, eat and sleep.  Superficially a lot of people would say the same of themselves (minus the reading probably), but for me it’s the truth.  When I’m awake there’s little else to do.  People awake in the day don’t realize the little options they have.  Music and local events, going to dinner, meeting friends, seeing sunlight…stuff they don’t even give a thought to.  Even a simple walk in the park is often illegal at night.  Something as simple as going to a 9-5 store or running an errand.  I don’t do “errands” anymore.
Vacationing is difficult because most vacation-orientated events happen in the day.  Unless it’s a long vacation, you’ll spend it trying to shift your sleep schedule to days, then back again.  It’s very socially isolating.  I dread getting jury summons most of all.  “Yeah, I can be there after work on Monday morning when I’m normally going to bed, and stay awake until 5pm, you inconsiderate shits.”  During the summer I may see sunlight for a few hours a day at least, but during the winter it’s usually just a cold, fading glance here and there.
Where many people with families who work this shift will try to be awake in the day during their off-days, I find myself staying up even later on off days.  Furthermore, yo-yoing a schedule back and forth between days and nights is very unhealthy, you have to keep one schedule and get 8 hours of sleep.  I don’t care what anyone says, you can adjust to it any time of the day.
But there’s certainly advantages too.  I like my job, I’m paid reasonably well, it’s very low-stress and it’s the first job I haven’t hated.  I’m able to sleep at work overnight if I want, so I often only drive to work and back home once a week.  I put about 15 miles a week on my car.  When I compare my life to those I know working in retail hell, I feel quite privileged.
Morning commutes and morning radio, morning people, they all make me want to smash things.  It seems like there’s less idiots around in the evening and night.  My commute is pretty much stress free.  I get to take walks at 3am when there’s no one around.  I think being an introvert, this life kinda suits me.  I feel far more focused with my time.  I have a lot of books I want to read for example, and I think I’m reading them far faster without daytime distractions.  I’m probably spending way less money unnecessarily too.
It’s not for everyone I know, but I’m surprised how little I think about it anymore.  Some days I’m like “Wow, I haven’t gone anywhere except to the grocery store and work for 3 weeks!  I didn’t even notice.”  I’ve chosen this life, not all at once, but consciously, step-by-step.
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