“It Don’t Get No Bettrn’ Nis!”

  I think I’ve mentioned in a previous entry about how I work at a nightclub, never get up before 6pm, have no social life, and often sleep at the club half of my week.  I could drive home, but why?  Just to sleep and drive back when we have a bed in the office?

  Well I was sitting there the other night after closing, eating a can of sardines with mustard sauce and I mean straight from the can of course, like a real man does.  And I had to just say to myself, “It ain’t gonna get no better than this!  I mean look around!  Can’t go any higher!  Apex of my life!”  (“I live in a nightclub down by the river!”)
  Of course, I’m reflecting what I think others might say in jest if they were in my situation.  I like my job, and that’s saying something in these times.  And to some extent I’ve always been one who was able to live with less than others.  I have a laptop I use for reading and listening to music.  And that’s all I’d be doing if I was at home, reading or listening to music.  It makes me feel very mobile and free, and makes my life simpler in fact.
  In fact I’ve discovered I’m not all that special with regard to sleeping in my workplace.  I’ve met two people in the same warehouse complex who also live full or part-time right around me in the other spaces.  It doesn’t surprise me, with the price of rent around here, the state of the economy, and with the general zeitgeist of people generally trying to “minimize” their lives.


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