Taking a Shower…in a Bucket

I’ve mentioned before my ongoing adventures sleeping in the nightclub where I work Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, then I go home Sunday night. I sweat very little, and it’s not a very physical job, but the only thing I missed about going home on the weekends was taking a shower; not a long, hot shower, just a functional one.

I’ve been getting by with “washing up” in a sink, but what I’ve wanted to do is exercise at work, and that does involve sweat. I’ve gotten into cardio via calisthenics lately. Ironically a 3 minute walk from the club will put you at the door of a gym, but their rates are exorbitant to say the least. This is especially the case since I don’t plan on using their equipment (calisthenics, if you didn’t know, requires no, or hardly any equipment) all I’d be doing is taking a shower. (I think most the guys at that gym are there to cruise more than workout.)

Well, I ran a detachable hose to the sink in a private employee bathroom, a metal hoop to hang shower curtains, a large plastic storage bin (OK, it’s not a “bucket” exactly) for a base to catch the water and some wire to hang it all from the ceiling. I got the hoop from my partner who is part of a non-profit that just opened a local thrift store. It’s part of a circular clothing display rack which they were unable to utilize. Altogether it cost about $80. That’s 5 trips to the overpriced gym.

As I say, this is a purely “functional” shower. Make it quick, pour the water down the toilet and I’m finished. I’m surprised how little water I use. Maybe 3-5 gallons? The water in the tub barely reaches past my ankles.

I imagine some people would consider it bad enough to sleep in a nightclub half their week, but then to add this on top of it. I can hear them say, “Oh poor me, I’m taking a shower in a bucket.” No, I say, “Oh My God! I’m taking a SHOWER. In a BUCKET!” As the well-worn cliche goes, it’s all about perspective.

There’s something about the fact that _I_ made this (with some help from my partner). I took the initiative, I envisioned what I wanted and did it.

People tease me about “moving in” at the club. But it’s about convenience and what _I_ want, not about impressing anyone. I would rather avoid traffic, save gas, have more time to enjoy my after-work hours and have more time for sleep. When I wake up and look outside where it’s raining like hell, I just saying to myself, “Ah, there’s something I didn’t have to drive in!” Or waking up at 8:30pm to open the club at 9 and thinking, “If I’d slept at home I would have had to get up an hour ago!” Anything I do at home after work (reading, listening to music), I can do just as easily at work on my laptop. I don’t have kids, pets or plants to tend to and I like it that way. Everyone’s talking about simplifying and minimizing their lives these days, it’s just in the zeitgeist. Well, this is one way I do it.

On this topic, I know a guy who has been living in the the same warehouse complex for months, full-time, in a storage area his company rents out. He can afford an apartment, but he’s managing to save money for the first time in his life by not paying rent, but he still thinks it’s weird. I got over that reservation long ago.

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