I’m Thankful For…

I’m thankful for the usual stuff; I have a great family, a great partner, I like my job and I’m doing OK financially. I have my health and a warm place to sleep at night, know where my next meal is coming from and mostly only have “first world” worries.

But I find I’m thankful for a few more “unconventional” things this year…

–I’m thankful to Gutenberg.org and similar websites for making it possible to find almost any public domain book for free.

–I’m thankful to Archive.org for having thousands of free public domain films, books and radio dramas which I’d never have the opportunity to explore otherwise.

–I’m thankful I can find almost anything on YouTube, anything. This includes rare classical music that years ago I would have loved to hear, but had no access to.

–Yes, I am even thankful to internet piracy for exposing me to 20th century classical music that you can’t buy because it’s so rare.

–I’m thankful that I can listen to music in pristine sound in the comfort of my own home, cheaply. In the not too distant past music was only heard in concerts, or if you could play it yourself of course.

–I’m thankful for Wikipedia. Years ago if I wanted to know something I had to consult an encyclopedia, or even go to the library. And the library in the town I grew up in was nothing special.

–I’m thankful for the money saving tips, which I could never fully calculate, which I’ve learned online about cooking, working out, fixing my car, engaging in hobbies and making or fixing everyday things.

These things might be a little unconventional, but I didn’t have internet access until 1999 when I was about 19 and I’m not of the generation that has always had it around. So I’m thankful for a lot of stuff we take for granted now.

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