“Sunlight…How Quaint.”

I got up today at 6pm like I usually do on Sundays so I can exercise, shower, eat and have the club open by 8pm. Well I was downright amazed when I looked outside, the world was filled with this bright stuff people call…I forget since I never see it. Oh yeah, sunlight.

When I looked outside I actually said to myself, “Sunlight, how quaint.”

(If you’re confused, I work at a nightclub until 7am four nights a week, and sleep here; by the time I get to bed it might be 10 or 11am. I then sleep till around 7pm most days, so yes I get the obligatory eight hours of sleep, sometimes even more.)

Sunlight almost feels like something I’ve “outgrown,” put aside. It’s like a cute extracurricular activity. It’s something you can forget about under the right conditions. Then you see it and realize how important it is.

So I went outside to water a plant, just to have an excuse to go out into it and ran into a friend who was walking by. I said to him, “Sunlight is precious; you have no idea until you’re never around it.” He just gave me a look and asked if I could help him find someone.

People up in the daytime really are ignorant when it comes to this. They don’t understand in the least. They would have to go blind for a day to even begin to comprehend something they so take for granted.

Funny thing is, I’m enjoying life a lot right now. I really love my job. How many jobs pay you well to do nothing 80% of the time and will let you sleep there so you don’t even have to drive home? We have a very easy going atmosphere, I have a three day weekend. I know most alternatives would be much worse.

All I would ask is next time you go to a nightclub that’s open till 5 or 6am, remember that those employees are sleeping all day so they can get enough sleep to live a healthy life. And remember that for some of us, we see nothing but night often for six months out of the year.

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