Hello Again

It has been a while, about two years. I think writing this occasionally does me good, even though I have no idea if anyone is reading it. My problem with social media like Facebook was I KNEW a lot of people were reading it, and it felt like I had to “perform” every time I got on there.

It’s amazing how little has changed in two years. I’m working the same job, live in the same house with the same partner. I’m just very content these days.  I am old enough to know that they are the kind of days one will look back on as “good old days” later in one’s life.

I started playing my classical guitar again for the first time in many years. This happened rather by accident. I was helping my partner move a generator and my foot slid off the edge of the deck and hit the ground at an angle. It was only about 4-6″ to the ground, but it was so painful that I nearly blacked out. Funny thing was, it quickly passed and I got up and raked the ground level, put bricks down and we moved the generator into place. It was only later I noticed how much pain I was in.

So I was laid up for a week or so, it healed itself. The guitar was in the same room as me, so I picked it up and started playing. I would say I am more serious about practicing and playing well now than I was years ago when I first discovered it. It’s nice to find new passions, or rekindle old ones.

In the modern world so much that we do is passive, it’s nice to do something that really takes patience and time. It requires you to slow down and focus. I think this is similar for reading, but the physicality of playing an instrument, and progressive improvement on it make it a rewarding experience in a different way.


I must confess that I’m not as liberal as I was just a few years ago. The obnoxious Social Justice Warriors have really alienated me so much that I have started to question, and reject, a lot of my previously-held political beliefs. Their perpetual victimhood and constant need to seek out something to be offended by have created a ridiculous, oppressive atmosphere. It has reached levels of stupidity I just cannot go down. Sorry.

As to the election, I am just ready for it to end. I wish we didn’t have cable because I hate it but often find I cannot turn away. I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton because I think she is a two-faced, war-loving, whore of Wall Street. I’m not voting for Trump because I don’t think he’s thin-skinned, easily distracted and I don’t want to feel any responsibility for what he might do or cause, intentionally or otherwise. But I will just say this: if you want to see who the elite, kleptocrats want, just see who is getting all the Wall Street money and good media coverage.


On a more *~*pleasant*~* note, autumn has arrived! My favorite season. It has gotten cold in quick bursts here in Georgia, then it backs off again. I’ve definitely started to notice a change in the leaf color, although peak times for that aren’t until the first week of November usually.

The arrival of the season is signaled to different people in different ways. For some people it’s simply the calendar — Labor Day, or the kids go back to school. For me it’s far more connected with nature. Probably the biggest signal for me is the way the shadows change. Some morning or afternoon you’ll notice how they play across a wall or familiar patch of ground.  Maybe how they fall across some wrinkly tree bark.

And the thing about winter is that the sun doesn’t travel directly overhead anymore as it does in summer, but closer along the southern horizon. This makes the shadows long all day, so it always feels like the day is ending, or it’s end is imminent. I think that is what has the biggest psychological impact for me, whether most people consciously take this in or not I don’t know. But I am looking forward to it for once, I like the quiet, meditative nature of it.


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