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Autumn Thoughts During an Autumn Graveyard Walk

There’s a really nice cemetery near where I live, but the main entrance is gained by a busy road without a sidewalk, so I’ve never explored it, despite living here for almost a decade. On the morning of Octobert 29th, … Continue reading

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Nostalgia as Magic

There’s something magical and sad about nostalgia. A place, an atmosphere, something that magically triggers a memory that in retrospect we thought was long lost. Smells are big triggers. The right smell can send me back to the 5th grade … Continue reading

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An Autumn Appreciation Pictorial

As much as I dread winter, autumn is still my favorite season. I love so many things about it. There’s usually a subtlety to it’s arrival. The extra coolness in a breeze. The way a shadow newly falls across something … Continue reading

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